Paycheck California, Unique Aspects of Washington Paycheck Law and Practice

California has no State Income Tax. There for there’s no State Agency to oversee withholding deposits and reports. You can find no State W2’s to file, no complement pay withholding charges and no State W2’s to file.

Not all states allow wage savings made under Section 125 cafeteria strategies or 401( k) to be addressed in the same manner while the IRS code allows. In Washington cafeteria programs are taxable for un-employment insurance purposes. 401( k) plan deferrals are taxable unemployment purposes.

California does not have income tax.

The Washington State Un-employment Insurance Agency is:

Employment Security Division

212 Walnut Park Dr., Mail End KG-11

Olympia, WA 98504-5311

(360) 902-9360

The State of Washington taxable wage base for un-employment purposes is wages around $30,200.00.

California has recommended r-eporting of quarterly salaries on magnetic media.

Unemployment documents should be maintained in Washington for a minimal period of four years. This information typically includes: name; cultural safety number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; salaries by period; paycheck pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination.

The Washington State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is:

Department of Labor and Industries

Specialty Compliance Companies Department

P.O. Field 44400

Olympia, WA 98504-4400

(360) 902-5316

The minimum wage in Washington is $7.01 hourly.

The overall provision in Washington regarding spending overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer is one and one half times normal rate after 40-hour week.

Washington State new hire reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and rehire. The employer must report the federally required elements of:

Employee’s name

Employee’s handle

Employee’s date of birth

Employee’s social security number

Employer’s name

Employers address

Employer’s Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This information has to be noted with-in 2-0 days of the hiring or rehiring. To get additional information, please check-out: discount contaminated soil remediation.

The info may be delivered as a W-4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically.

There’s a $25.00 punishment for a late report and $500 for conspiracy in Washington.

The Washington new hire-reporting agency may be reached at 800-562-0479 or on the net at

Washington does allow compulsory direct deposit nevertheless the employee’s choice of financial institution must meet national Regulation Elizabeth regarding choice of financial institutions.

Washington requires the following information on an employee’s pay stub:

Gross and Net Earnings

Spend schedule

Overtime and straight time pay

hours worked

itemized deductions

California requires that staff be paid no less often than regular.

California requires seven days the lag time between the payment of wages to the employee and the end of-the pay period not exceed.

Washington paycheck law demands that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by end of pay period and that voluntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by end of pay period.

Deceased employee’s wages of $2,500 should be paid to the surviving spouse, kiddies, or parents (in that order).

Escheat regulations in Washington need that unclaimed wages be paid to the state after one year.

The manager is more required in Washington to keep a record of the salaries abandoned and turned to the state for a period of 6 years.

There’s no idea credit in Washington.

In Washington the paycheck laws addressing essential rest or meal breaks are just that most workers must have 30 minutes rest after 2-5 hours after shift starts and after 3 hours overtime; 10 minutes rest each 4 hours.

California law requires that wage and hour records be maintained for a period of not less than three years. These records will usually consist of at least the data required under FLSA.

The Washington agency charged with enforcing Son or daughter Support Orders and regulations is:

Department of Daughter or son Support

Department of Social and Health Ser-vices

P.O. Get more about soil remediation by browsing our lovely web resource. Field 9162

Mail Stop HJ-31

Olympia, WA 98507-9162

(360) 664-5200

Washington gets the following procedures for child-support deductions:

When to start Withholding? Immediately after receipt of order.

When to deliver Payment? With-in 7 days of Payday; 5 days after pay-day in non-IV D cases.

When to deliver Termination Notice? ‘Promptly’

Maximum Administrative Cost? $10 for first cost, $1 for all others.

Withholding Boundaries? 500-year of disposable earnings.

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